Elizabeth S. Bowles Beeco

Profile Updated: June 9, 2010
Elizabeth S. Bowles
Residing In: Edgewater, FL USA
Spouse/Partner: None
Occupation: US Postal Service
Children: Twin daughters - both grown and married with children of their own
Yes! Attending Reunion

I have several rescue dogs and two have health issues, so I don't really get to travel right now. The littlest one is a Maltese with a liver shunt, so she needs medication and a special diet and close monitoring which really can't be left to a pet sitter. There are 8 dogs in all right now, two large dogs and 6 small ones. If we aren't in the middle of a hurricane the reunion weekend, I will be spending July 4th in the pool, floating on my raft while a herd of barking dogs worry that I will drown. If you saw Marley & Me, you have a vague idea of what life is like in my house. The oldest dog is a 13 year old yellow lab, so imagine Marley with doggie dementia! Throw in a few yapping ankle biters and the scene is set for fun
and excitement.

School Story:

I won't ever forget Physics class with Mr Quail. I learned a lot, but more than anything, I learned respect for the man who believed in the Earth enough to ride a bicycle to work to help save the enviornment. A teacher who lived what he believed. I was impressed.