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07/06/10 12:32 PM #116    

Holly Lefkowitz (Odess)

 Thank you to the committee for an amazing weekend.  It was perfect from start to finish.  We enjoyed seeing so many old friends and acquaintances. 

David and Holly Odess

07/06/10 01:22 PM #117    


Fred Matthes

Cheryl Rosenthal, yes, THAT suits my memory much better!

And I was right about Harvey Roth in the picture above, and he sent me a private hello to confirm.

I'm so happy this all turned out so wonderfully for all of you.

Even though I could not be there, just reconnecting through this website with a special little girl I knew way back when made it all worthwhile to me.

Oh, and "MacArthur Park" ...

In 1992, humorist Dave Barry conducted a poll among his readers (as recorded in Dave Barry's Book of Bad Songs) of the worst songs ever. Barry's readers selected Richard Harris' version of "MacArthur Park" as the worst song ever recorded, both in terms of "Worst Lyrics" and "Worst Overall Song".

07/07/10 01:00 PM #118    

Deborah L. Lewis (Reiss)

Hello Again,

I just wanted to thank the reunion committee and anyone else that helped put this wonderful weekend together!   I had so much fun and it was so great seeing so many of you who were a part of my past 50 years of my life! I have been looking at the pictures and realized I missed seeing and talking to many and I am sorry I missed you.   I look forward to getting together with friends sooner than 10 years from now.   Enjoy the rest of them Summer!

Again, Thanks for a great weekend!


07/07/10 05:27 PM #119    

Andrea Bloch (Vederman)

I had SUCH a great time at the reunion weekend, both nights. Like the others who have posted before me, it was so much fun meeting up with so many people from Canterbury, Wiley, and Heights: and those I had really never known at Heights. The reunion committee did a fabulous job. And I think everyone appreciated the committee's responsiveness to the suggestion of having a Friday event. I know that gave several out-of-towners an even stronger reason to come in for this weekend. THANK YOU REUNION COMMITTEE!!!! You rock!! I was also very impressed with the current Heights High cheerleaders: not to mention our very own cheerleaders and Tigers!!! That was soooo fun to watch. I will try to post my pictures on Snapfish, though they are also posted on Facebook. Please, to anyone I didn't get to see or spend much time with at the reunion, STAY IN TOUCH !! Time is so short and we have made many wonderful memories together.

Andy Bloch Vederman

07/07/10 10:38 PM #120    


Bernadette Marshall

I had such a pleasant weekend and, although I took a number of pictures toward the end of the eveninng on Saturday, I have yet to get to the office and upload or download them (that's where the cords to connect are) - is it upload? - have been "in trial" and will be til Friday when I will give it a go.

Jeff - you are just exactly like you were in High School - haven't changed a bit ...
Jim - also much like you were - some of us don't change that much which is such a wonderful thing - oops, that would NOT be me!!
Andrea - also so much like you were and such a good personality...
Tom - really feel like you are family.
Claire - you haven't is that?
Nadine - would have liked more time with you - next time?
Kim - you are also an exact replica of the little girl I warm...artistic - of course...
Becky - just as lovely as ever...
Al - was happy to meet you and Robert for the first time...
Lori-married to our classmate- what a nice surprise...
David - could have had some beautiful feet...
Billy - one of the pictures is you with your granddaughter - maybe going up to the dance floor or maybe dancing - can't remember happy to see you and your lovely "three generations"---you, certainly, hit the ball out of the park, in my humble opinion.
Neil - great to see you again...always bring a smile to my face...remembering...
Judy - always so upbeat, loved to see you, too.
Elyssa - Happy to have spent a little time with you (and happy to see Gary, too)- just the right end to a very satisfying weekend - to have a little conversation with you...always remember Kindergarten on the steps of your kitchen, waiting for you every morning...good was so simple!
so many others...too many to mention...hope I see you all again...

sorry you didn't make it, Carol and Katie, you will just have to come another time and we'll try to get some classmates together then (now that we have this wonderful website!!)

and Last but not least, nice to see you, Sylvia, (and Roger, fleetingly, too) and Ellen...Thank you so much for putting it all together and just for being you...proud to have been in school with all of you all...have such fond memories of our Cleveland Heights High School...even like to see the name on paper...brings a smile to my face. TA TA...

07/08/10 12:06 AM #121    

Susan Kramer

Kudo's to the committee for another wonderful weekend. Time sure went fast...Discovered some people who were there that I didn't get to see- so sorry and hello. Many people said that Friday was like a speed dating eve. No matter who you were speaking with, eyes scanned the room to see who else had shown up. Some were easy to recognize and others,,,,well , it's a good thing for the name tags. What fun! I agree with some comments about how special our school years were and how different from our childrens.  We played out doors, rode bicycles, went to Wiley pool- basically socialized all day. The students I have known over the years are more involved with computers, video games, movies-indoor activities which leaves little time for socializing. Maybe the old days are best in some ways.    looking forward to the next reunion...and Stan, Joe is definitely going.


07/08/10 08:39 AM #122    


Roger A. Friedman

So many people to see and so little time!! Like everyone so many thanks to the committee. I especially want to thank Claire lelchuck for organizing 4-6 grade reunion. Most if all I want to thank marci zabell and Lori Kaufman for making dreams and fantasies come true

07/12/10 12:14 AM #123    

Sherry E. Franklin (Jones)

I want to thank the entire committee and anyone else who helped put the reunion together because it was GREAT!!!! I am so glad we made the drive in from Iowa for it. This is only the 2nd reunion I have made it in for and it was so worth it. I wish I would have been able to talk with more people and find out what they have been doing for the past 40 yrs. Everything was just perfect and the time few by too fast. God willing I will be at the next one in 10 years!!!! As they say, time flies when you get older so maybe it will go by fast and be here before I know it. I feel bad for those who didn't make this one, they really did miss a fantastic weekend. Hope you come next time Micki and Brenda!!!

Does anyone know where Cyndy Weinstein/Oris is???? Last I knew was Atlanta, GA.

Sherry Franklin/Jones

07/20/10 03:44 PM #124    


Linda Berger (Bomar)


For the past year I had looked forward to our reunion and talked of little else. My family was afraid that I might have set my expectations a little too high and that I might come away being a little disappointed. They couldn't have been more wrong!!! It was a fabulous weekend from start to finish! I honestly don't know the last time I had that much fun!!! It was so heartwarming to reconnect with old friends and to see so many familiar faces ~ it seemed as if the 40 years since we left Heights High just disappeared.....until pictures of grandchildren came out:) I can't begin to thank the members of the reunion committee for the exceptional job they all did. How incredbly lucky we all are to have had you in our class! The whole weekend just confirmed my belief that we were extremely fortunate to have grown up when and where we did! I am looking forward to keeping in touch with many of you and I can't wait for our next reunion! Let's think seriously about a gala celebration in 2 years when we all hit the big 6-0!! Love to all and please give me a call if you're ever in the Atlanta area:) Linda Berger Bomar

07/20/10 10:30 PM #125    

Carole Ferell (Kaufman)

 dear linda,(and classmates)

 what a heartwarming response to our reunion efforts!! thanks so much to you...and all the others who have graciously and sincerely commented on the success of the reunion weekend.

 All we really did was put our hearts and souls into the planning and execution of what we hoped would be a relaxing and fun weekend--for everybody..... i'm glad we were apparently successful!


 i saw so many people from a distance, and somehow never was able to catch up with everyone i wanted much talking and hugging and laughing-- and so little time.....

 as a committee member, i thank everyone for taking the time to write and share their thoughts with us---  it has been very gratifying, and has not gone unnoticed......


carole ferell kaufman

07/22/10 09:36 AM #126    


Rosalyn Sloan (Abrahams)

Hi everybody!!!!  I'm so glad  to see people staying in touch through this website.  I wish we could do the whole reunion weekend again so I could talk to more people and talk longer to the people I did get to visit with.  I had the most wonderful time!!!

08/05/10 05:41 PM #127    


Jack Perry (Perry)

I know I'm way late getting to this, myself, but I'll be the first to admit I was probably as nervous (and expected to be bored) as my wife...but I was recognized immediately just getting out of my car in the hotel parking lot (which blew my mind), and it all went uphill from there. 

The weekend turned into a real hoot, and I can't wait for the 50th to get here.  Ended up having a GREAT time, even when I had an embarrassing moment with someone (you know who you are) that I didn't recognize at all, but left my wife laughing hysterically.  Made the whole weekend for her.

Couldn't have been more pleased with the way it all turned out, so I'll also add my belated thanks to all the committe members who had a hand in making the weekend such a success.  It couldn't have been time better spent in any way.

Thanks, too, to all those who accepted my "pestering" to add their signatures to my yearbook.  Didn't realize how many I DIDN'T have until I began putting names to faces before I came there...and I still have a long way to go.  So, wathc out for the next go-around...expect more of the same! :-)  LOL!

It was great seeing everyone, and sorry so many others I would have enjoyed seeing couldn't join us.  Maybe next time!

I'm open to hear from anyone!  Don't want to feel like such a stranger any more.


08/13/10 11:39 AM #128    

Judith Baum (Rosenberg)

finally saw the pictures.  thanks to the committee; lots of hard work.  to jeff, jim, marilyn, pam, alan, billy and all the rest of the great folks i spoke with, loved seeing and sharing stories with, i'm so glad you showed up.

08/23/10 11:06 PM #129    

Pamela Sauer (Webber)

This is really late, but I too want to thank the reunion committee for a fabulous weekend. It was so much fun it was even better than I had expected. I feel sorry for the people who didn't come. Ellen I really miss the Tiger Tuesdays.

The website is great and has allowed me to renew old friendships. Thanks again to the entire committee for a job very well done. Hopefully, we will do something before the 50th.


01/09/11 10:40 AM #130    


Carole L. Giannantonio (Turley)

For those who didn't know of this...

Katie Agin Goodwin passed on recently.  Both living in the greater Phoenix area we never did get together to 'do lunch' as they say.  Katie called me a few times a couple of years ago and she was re-connecting with numerous others as well at that time. 

I best remember Katie from Milliken Elementary School.  It really brings home our own mortality when a classmate passes.  Life truly is so, so very short, seems like just a blink ago that I was 40 and now my kids are nearly that age.

RIP Katie, RIP.

02/02/11 10:45 PM #131    


Lori Kaufman

I was so sorry to hear that Mark passed away.  I knew he was ill when I saw him at the reunion, but I had hoped for the best.  With all the time and distance, we didn't stay in touch over the years, but it was great to see him last July.  As one of my Coventry cohorts, he will always have a special place in my heart.  My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

02/05/11 09:21 AM #132    

Merl H. Wayman

I am sorry to read about Katie Agin's death.   We were born together at Mt. Sinai Hospital on the same date and year.  I never got to know her well during high school but we communicated by e-mail several times before the reunion.   May she rest in peace. 

02/05/11 09:21 AM #133    

Merl H. Wayman

I am sorry to read about Katie Agin's death.   We were born together at Mt. Sinai Hospital on the same date and year.  I never got to know her well during high school but we communicated by e-mail several times before the reunion.   May she rest in peace. 

02/07/11 05:53 PM #134    


Adrienne H. Greenberg (Monas)

So very sorry to hear about Mark Leimsieder.   I am glad we got to see him at the reunion.  My thoughts and prayers to his family. 

02/07/11 05:56 PM #135    


Adrienne H. Greenberg (Monas)

Wow, I didn't realize about Katie Agin too!  So many that we knew are gone, but certainly not forgotten. 

07/08/13 01:35 PM #136    


Marci Sherell Zabell (Bone)

And yet another sad post. Howard Cohen passed away June 26 in Walnut Creek, California. He'd had a heart condition and it got him. After a long career as a school administrator in and around the San Francisco Bay Area,  Howard had retired to spend time with his family, especially his adored grandaughter, Jaleena. He was a beloved member of the clergy team at his synagogue, had just gone back to teaching his first academic love, French, and was relaxing into a new, more gently paced life. The funeral was held at his synagogue, and there will be a memorial here later this month as well. He will be greatly missed.

04/09/19 07:42 PM #137    

Robert Gordon

May Sam Cohen's memory always be a blessing for all of us. He was one of the nicest individuals we always knew as outgoing as well as friendly. The best picture of Sam that I remember is of him stuffing a doggy bag with food at our senior dinner back in 1970. More importantly though, as a resident of Israel, he helped to keep his adopted homeland strong and secure. May those who follow in his footsteps do the same. Rest in Peace Sam! Godspeed to fined individual for a life well lived.

07/24/19 09:21 PM #138    

Linda P. Seitz (Seader)

So looking forward to my first class of 70 reunion next summer. I will be there. I am sure, in shock when I see familiar faces after all these years. Linda seitz

01/18/20 10:48 PM #139    

Deborah A. Neidle (Tumbri)

Glad  to  get  contact  the  time  goes  so fast   and  i have  terrible memory......looking  forward  to#50


02/01/20 04:21 PM #140    


Janice Semko (Ross)

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the reunion, but I'm delighted that I will be attending an Opening Reception for my One-Woman (Solo) Exhibition at the Art Center of Coastal Carolina, Art League of Hilton Head Gallery for the month of August.

I'm sure everyone will have a marvelous time and send my warm wishes to all for a safe, happy weekend!

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